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EPHC 20000FNX2

Models EPH FN are hydraulic planetary winches, designed for long life, offer best safe duty.
These winches are built according with higher safety standards in compliance with Directive Machinery 2006/42/CE Harmonized EN 14492-1. The high efficiency planetary gear train assure fast payout and rewind winching operational and the innovative brake system, make these winches reliable and great for industrial applications.

Double speed: two hydraulic motors pair-operated with a special gear reducer and controlled by a special Over-centre valve, allow to get a faster speed line when needed.
This two speed system works in pulling direction only and provides best speed line according to the load, in order to keep rope well tensioned during theentire pulling.

Becomes faster when needed 
The system is automatically controlled by the winch working pressure, the winch operator does not have to control the winch speed line.
A light load, generates a low working pressure and a single hydraulic motor [HM1] will run the winch pulling doubling speed line.
An heavy load, generates an high working pressure and two hydraulic motors[HM1+HM2] will run the winch pulling at the half speed line.


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  • Compact

Hardened steel three stages planetary gear train


  • Fast winching speed

Fast payout and rewind


  • Double speed

Two hydraulic motors pair-operating allow to get a faster speed line when needed


  • Versatile mounting

Designed for either foot or side mounting


  • Strong

Body manufactured from hardened iron casting, for greater resistance


  • Multi-disc pressure released brake

Gives a reliable and effective full brake capacity


  • Drum sizes available

Short 255,8 mm (10.1 inch) EPHC 20000FNX2


  • Totally oil cooled

Gears and brake are bathed in oil for maximum performance, quiet operation and to extend internal components life span

  • Pulling capacity (first layer)

20.000 Kg. [44.092 Lbs.]


  • Working pressure

195 Bar [2,828 Psi]


  • Wire rope dia.

22/24 mm [- -]


  • Gear ratio



  • Max. wire rope capacity (EN 14492-1)

52/50 Mt. [171,0/164,0 Ft.] short drum EPHC 20000FNX2


  • Max. oil supply

75 Lt./Min. [19,81 GPM]


  • Max.speed line (first layer)

[HM1] 10,7 Mt./Min. [35,1 Ft./Min.]

[HM1+HM2] 5,0 Mt./Min. [16,4 Ft./Min.]


  • Max.speed line (last layer)

[HM1] 18,4 Mt./Min. [60,4 Ft./Min.]

[HM1+HM2] 9,0 Mt./Min. [29,5 Ft./Min.]



[HM1] = 1 Hydraulic motor

[HM1+HM2] = 2 Hydraulic motors


  • Weight w/o wire rope

465 Kg. [1025,15 Lbs.] short drum EPHC 20000FNX2

Winches model EPH FN have been designed to be equipped with several accessories such as :

• Zinc plated Heavy-duty roller fairlead
is made up by 2 horizontal rollers and 2 vertical rollers, used for lateral pullings to avoid damages to the cable and to the vehicle where the winch is installed

• Zinc plated Cable tensioner
is used to keep cable tightened on the drum, while the winch is in the freespool mode


Air Cable tensioner

is used to keep cable tightened on the drum, while the winch is in the freespool mode.
It delivers a strong and steady pressure in every layer

• Air-clutch
For drum free spooling, (system works if air circuit is available)